I am sending you viral love.
Join UKI art project and be infected.
Spread uki virus, infect and mobilize.


uki viral agent Afrdt

u-k-i.co is a project of Shu Lea Cheang.
Software code: Massimo Avvisati
Cultural agent: Jara Rocha
Graphic design: Afroditi Psarra and Magdalini Grigoriadou

UKI, a sequel to Cheang's cyberpunk sci-fi movie I.K.U (2000, an Uplink Tokyo production), is structured both a viral performance - live code live spam and a viral game in two levels - infect the city and enter the bionet.

I.K.U. tells the story of GENOM Corp, a net-porn enterprise who dispatches I.K.U. coders to collect orgasm data. Made into mobilephone chip, GENOM introduces orgasm on the go and makes a huge profit. In post-netcrash UKI, the data deprived I.K.U. coders are dumped on the Etrashscape where coders, twitters, networkers crush and crashed. Exchanging sex for code, code sexing code, UKI as virus emerge admist noise blast while GENOM retreats to BioNet.

GENOM CORP. takes human body hostage to initiate BioNet, a network made up of microcomputing cells. With genetic engineering, the red blood cells (erythrocytes) are formatted as autonomous cellular computing units engaging in re-programming human orgasm. Code named "ORGANISMO", GENOM is to re-invent human orgasm into self-sustained pleasure. Another profitable sex scheme for GENOME CORP. conspired without any precaution for damaging the biosphere.

UKI game level one [infect the city] designates UKI as meta-sexual viral agents to ‘gesturally' infect the city and the world. Invites the public to sign on as viral agents using API Geolocation interface to spread UKI virus. Designed to mobilize UKI viral force, the viral agents who infect and multiply uki virus are upgraded to super agents, advanced to game level 2 - enter the BioNet.
Software application : Google Maps JavaScript API V3, W3C API Geolocation interface, jQuery and jQuery Mobile, HTML5, Eclipse IDE, Processing.js, zxing library (QR Codes image processing library)
Hardware for presentation: projectors, smartphones(participants to self-provide), QRcode stickers

Enter the BioNet [UKI game level 2] is a collective game with a scoring system based on the players' biosensor data. Set inside a large dark space installed with 10 laser lights, 8 subwoofers and 3 transducers, the game can be played by 2 to 8 people. Each player is wired with a GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) sensor which measures the skin resistance level linked to the players' reflexive emotional, mind and action condition. Each player can act alone or interact with each others, the fluctuating sensor data (measuring 0 - 600 level of resistance) sent via wireless device to the system computer is logged into 3 levels (A=400-600, B=200-400, C=0-200). Each player's data and its combination effects the game in process. The variation of pattern, speed, rhythm of the swiping laser lights and the subwoofers' low base sound are directly effected by the algorithm of incoming sensor data from the players. Each blood cell, representing ONE unit of millions of blood cells. displayed as one red laser beam, is eliminated when all players' sensor levels are synchronized (as all in A or B or C level). The subwoofers' pumping echoes the cells' production of ORGANISMO and is alternated according to players' sensor level. When all 10 blood cells (=10 laser lights) are disrupted, the game over triggers a final sonic vibration, the ZERO state of all senses.

This is love. This is not sex.

<3 <3 <3