Lilytronica is a project inspired by folk tradition, pop culture and DIY electronics, utilizing hand-made electronic embroidery in the context of experimental sound performance. The work is based on live improvisation through the use of three embroidered synthesizers with LilyPad Arduino micro controllers, sensors and actuators embedded into fabric. The primitive digital quality of the square-wave sounds, and the fragile and glitch-prone nature of the electronic embroideries, reference the DIY character of e-textile experimentation. The intrinsic aspect of this work is the contradiction created between the “soft” interfaces of the embroidered instruments and the loud and immersive soundscape that they produce.

Conceptual axis

Embroidery and knitting are crafts generally associated with female labour and folk tradition. Through the use of these techniques the artwork intends to re-evaluate these crafts as a valid contemporary form of expression, while combining them with technological features and the use of physical computing, in order to create tangible “soft” interfaces that control and produce sound. Furthermore, the work references the importance of the role of women, both as artisans and artists.

The instruments

The design of the instruments is aesthetically inspired by popular electronic instruments, like, the 80s legendary drum machine Roland TR-909, as well as, the Microkorg and the Korg Monotron synthesizers. The selection of the specific instruments serves cultural and aesthetic purposes, as it creates a direct cultural association in the public ́s mind. It is important to note that the reference to the actual instruments is purely visual. These electronic embroideries are sonically unique, and serve
different purposes.

Technology used in the project


Hardware and electronic components
LilyPad Arduino micro-controller
Light sensor
RGB LED light
Conductive thread
Jack Output

For more information about the instruments check out: LilyKorg, RolandPad.

Lilytronica Selected Performances:

Steim (Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Athens Video Art Festival
Technopolis, Athens, Greece.

Ars Electronica C...What it takes to Change MusicMonday Program
Linz, Austria.

Galerija Močvara
Zagreb, Croatia.

Electropixel Festival
Apo33, Nantes, France.

Sonic Art-Interdisciplinary Approaches
Ioannina, Greece.

Afroditi Psarra CV Page 8
A. Psarra & Al Margolis/If, Bwanna

Frown Athens, Greece.

AV Format Presents Salon Bruit
Berlin, Germany.

Athens Plaython
Festival Technopolis, Athens, Greece.

Lilytronica releases

Afroditi Psarra / Georgios Karamanolakis ORL19
February 2014

Lilytronica Exp_Net31LP
November 2015