Memory Overlay is a collaboration between media artist Afroditi Psarra and architect Marilena Georgantzi that consists on a hoodie for creating wearable narratives. The project was developed in the context of the exhibition Hybrids: On the borderline between Art and Technology and is currently on display at the Onassis Cultural Center in Athens.

Focusing on the immaterial world of feelings, memories and verbal speech, the interactive project “Memory Overlay” constitutes an interface that functions as a second skin and challenges the concept of narration and dialogue between the people that wear it. Furthermore, it is a playful approach to the saying that every garment tells a story, taking into consideration the communicative aspect of clothing. “Memory Overlay” uses e-textiles technology and functions as a wearable game of narration where no winner exists. Thus, contrary to the accumulation of words and images in devices and networks, the project reflects on the ephemeral nature of the spoken word, creating a hybrid object that extends from the physical to the digital world while materializing personal memories.

The “Memory Overlay” wearable interface offers an opportunity to the wearer for introspection and protection from visual distraction. Its purpose is not to archive stories, but rather to further the possibilities for creating non-linear narratives and foster spontaneity.