Work in progress

Embroidery patterns have always been associated with symbols that decorate everyday life and create narratives of the world that surrounds us. This project proposes the construction of a capacitive sensing wearable with four embroidered sensors and attempts a “naive” representation of the Chronology of the Universe according to the Big Bang Expansion, through the creation and sonification of four of its different phases: the birth of sub-atomic particles, the creation of matter, the formation of galaxies and planets and the actual metric expansion of the known universe. The copper thread sensors trigger an interactive soundscape of chaotic and stochastic sound generators.

This wearable was developed during the E-Textiles Live Lab at Schmiede Festival in Hallein, Austria, organized by Kobakant.

The first sonic experiments were conducted with the valuable help of Stratos Bichakis. The sonic part is still under development.

Hardware: a LilyPad Arduino, copper conductive thread, four 3.3 M Ohms resistors
Software: Arduino, Processing, SuperCollider

You can check out the code here:

Schematics and sketches to be uploaded soon...