The Passing is a site-specific interactive sound installation created during the Koumaria Residency on October 2013 in the area of Selassia in Greece, organized by Medea Electronique. This work is an intervention at the natural landscape of Koumaria that takes as a starting point the environment's sound and distorts it through algorithmic synthesis. The natural dominant elements of the area - the wind and the olive trees - are redefined through the use of technology and are assigned a new hybrid and reactive character that explores the limits of the natural and the artificial. The public acquires a double role in this setup, as he/she can move around as a mere observer of this sound augmented environment, but can also interact with it, transforming the olive trees in sound sources.

Technology used in the project
Hardware used in the project
2 x contact mics


The Passing is a collaboration between multidisciplinary artist Afroditi Psarra and noise musician Alexandros Drymonitis.

Photo documentation: Michael Larsson
Video documentation: Medea Electronique