This workshop builds upon the two previous EMF Sensing workshops that were realized in Bauhaus university and the E-textile SummerCamp in France, by connecting them to my current research on wearable Fractal Antennae.

Electromagnetic fields are everywhere and this workshop provides the basic tools for sensing the invisible universe that surrounds us by providing sonic, haptic and visual feedback on our bodies. The wearable detectors that are produced at the workshop can be used in a number of ways - as an open-source tool to explore the city’s invisible landscape, as an audiovisual performance interface or as a way to collect EMF data that can afterwards be used for further analysis and experiments (e.g. vizualisation or signification).

According to Nicolas Collins in his hardware hacking bible Handmade Electronic Music: “If you get far enough from civilization’s ubiquitous 60/50 Hz hum, you may be able to pick up the Aurora Borealis, “whistlers” induced by meteorites self-immolating as they enter the earth’s atmosphere, the pipping of GPS satellites, or top-secret submarine radio communication.”

Documentation of the circuits can be found here:

Different variations of the workshop have been developed for:

MedialabMX in Mexico City(MX) on March 2017

Eyeo festival in Minneapolis(USA) on June 2017

Tribe Against Machine e-textile summercamp in Miaoli County (TW) on August 2017 in collaboration with Martin DeBie and Claire Williams.