Work in progress

Divergence is inspired by sci-fi aesthetics and real physics and questions the way we perceive our surroundings. In particular, it deals with the question of how to create physicality in order to demonstrate and sense the invisible forces that surround us. For that reason, this project proposes the creation of a wearable Electromagnetic Field detector that provides the human body with the ability to feel and hear the electrically and magnetically charged particles that propagate around us in the form of waves. The wearable will consist of a soft-circuitry garment with an embedded LilyPad Arduino microcontroller that provides haptic and sonic feedback of the electromagnetic sources that surround us. The haptic feedback will be experienced in the form of vibration patterns and the sonic feedback in the form of tones that variate in pitch depending on the strength of the signal. The detection will take place through the creation of two embroidered coils that will be incorporated in sleeves of the garment and will serve as “antennas” for sensing EM fields. The vibration will be created by small vibration motors incorporated in the back and the sound will be transmitted through a pair of headphones that can be attached at the neck of the garment.

Divergence is a project curated by Shulea Cheang, part of the Eleonora 2014 Residency The Soft, the Hard and the Wet that will be developed at STWST in Linz, Austria on June 2014.

More info coming soon...